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Naruto Shippuden Movie 4
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Naruto - 497: Controlling the Nine-Tails...!

(The page opens up on Naruto facing the Nine-Tailed Fox!)
Naruto: Bring it on!!
Nine-Tailed Fox: Getting cocky, are you? Well, you won't last too long! Grrraaah!!!
-- Will Naruto finally be able to control the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox?!
-The Nine-Tailed Fox roars as an air blast blasts Naruto away-
Naruto: Argh...too strong...!
(Killer Bee: Listen up! I'll back you up, but I won't be able to stall that Fox for too long, Stupid Idiot! So take your chances and try to take over it's chakras as soon as possible!)
Naruto: Got it! *Stares at the Fox* (The day has finally arrived! The day where I finally will be able to control the Nine-Tailed Fox!)
-Naruto jumps-
Nine-Tailed Fox: *Yells - It's Over!!* -Slaps Naruto away-
Naruto: Gah!! -Falls, then stands up- Ah...What?! -Dodges another attack from the Nine-Tailed Fox-
Nine-Tailed Fox: Look at you, running away like a pest!
Naruto: (At this rate I won't be getting anywhere!!...Hey...Hey! Where are you, stinkin' rapper?! I thought I heard you saying you'd back me up!)
Killer Bee: (I'm trying my best just to focus on what's going on in your mind! I'll back you up, but don't rely on me too much, you little slime!)
Naruto: (You're as annoying as...) All right, here goes! Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu! *POOF*
Nine-Tailed Fox: ...Bleh, I won't allow myself, the mighty Fox to be controlled by someone like YOU! GRRAAAH! -prepares the ultimate chakra blast- I'm going to erase you from this world!
Naruto: Not good!
Killer Bee: (...! Gotta do somethin'!) -Grabs the Nine-Tailed Fox with Tentacles-
Nine-Tailed Fox: So you're making a come back, eh?! No matter, you're going to disappear along with this brat! DIE!!!
-The Nine-Tailed Fox blasts the chakra beam-
Naruto: ....!
Killer Bee: ...!
Nine-Tailed Fox: ...
*Dust clouds are all over the place*
Nine-Tailed Fox: It's over!! ...?!
*Behind the smoke*
Naruto: You wish...I am not giving up! Not after all what I've been through! I'm gonna control you whether you like it or not!
Nine-Tailed Fox: I don't get it! How did he survive that?! There's just no way!
Naruto: Oh you wanna know? -Shadow Clones with Rasengan are all over the Nine-Tailed Fox, as the all hit him at one shot from different directions-
Nine-Tailed Fox: Gah!
Naruto: You've used up so much chakra on that blast! So you need several minutes to charge up your powers! It's over!
Nine-Tailed Fox: Grrr...! -Falls trying to get up- The Fourth's Jutsu!
Naruto: *Does the Tiger Hand-Sign* But, I guess even you, deserve to know how I survived that blast. -Jumps high towards the Nine-Tailed Fox- I simply -------- ---- ------!
Nine-Tailed Fox: What?! that's HOW!!
Naruto: Now! -Grabs and steals the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakras!-
Nine-Tailed Fox: Grraah!!
Naruto: Argh...!!

(Outside Naruto's mind scene)
Killer Bee: ...! it over?!
Naruto: -Stands up while his eyes are closed-
Yamato: Naruto...(Which one is he...?) -Ram -> OX -> Boar -> Serpent!-
Naruto *Opens up his eyes*: Chill out Captain-Yamato! *Smiles* I won! I finally won!
Yamato: T-That's great!
Killer Bee *With a serious look*: (That battle was even tougher than the one I had with 8-Tail-O...I wonder how...) -Stands up-
Naruto: Huh?
Killer Bee: Good going, Kiddo! I just wanna know one thing...
Naruto: What is it...?
Killer Bee: How did you survive the blast? Even I got knocked out of yo' mind!
Naruto: Oh...that? Haha! I thought you'd be the one to know the most!
Yamato: ...
Killer Bee: ...
Naruto: *Smiles* I simply consumed the Fox's hatred!
Yamato/Killer Bee: ?!
Naruto: Didn't you say yourself, that the Nine-Tailed Fox is made of hatred? The blast was just the same, I simply consumed it with light in my heart! After all, it's my mind where we were fighting!
Killer Bee: ...*Grins* (Impressive...This is all I can say.)
Yamato: Good job, Naruto!
Naruto: Heh!
Killer Bee: Soon, you and the Nine-Tailed Fox might be friendly to each others!
Naruto: Huh? You think so...?
Killer Bee: Yep, this is just the first step! (Besides, I've got *That* to worry about.)
Kisame: (I should strike now...then it'll all be over!)

Will Kisame ambush both of the Jinchuriki head on?! What will be the results?
Next Time - Akatsuki's Ambush
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Naruto 477: Tricking The Nine-Tail Fox!
Bee: This might be a problem as expected...tchh.
Yamato: I expect you to keep your end of the deal and make sure Naruto does'nt die.
Bee: Dont worry foo, I know what Im doing!
Guy starts to roam around the island in search of some beasts to train with
Might Guy: Hmm? These trackings...are the same as...
Motoi: *Jumps the forest then spots Might Guy* Hey Guy-San! Your comrades just went with Bee-Sama to train.
Might Guy: *Good Luck Naruto* Motoi-san? How many people are on this Island?
Motoi: You, me, Bee, Yamato, Naruto, and the rest left earlier on the last ferry. Why did you ask?
Might Guy: Since Pein attacked we noticed that all of the members of Akatsuki has the same shoes which means?
Motoi: They have the same soles for easy tracking! But what does that have to do with the current situation?
Might Guy: *Points at the muddy terrain* Looks like we have a stole away..
Motoi: !!! This cant be? But how?!?! Our Barrier should've detected an intruder?!?!
Might Guy: Unless they someone came with us..This has now became a S-ranked mission! Motio-san notify your superiors immediately!
Motoi: Hyyy! Becareful...*How could we let this happen*?!?
Motoi starts to run towards the boat for departure!

Naruto: Huh...huh...huh...
Kyuubi: Come on now Naruto..This is a battle that you cant win.
Naruto: Hehehehe... *Bends over and touches his knee*
Kyuubi: Hmm? Why are you laughing? Have you gone mad...
Naruto: *Looks up* I dont plan on beating you!
Kyuubi then seem to be looking weak
Kyuubi: *Looks behind him and see that the Hachibi cut off body parts has become Bee's kage bunshin
Bee: Ill just be taking some of your chakra old fart..
Kyuubi: WHo are you? Whats the meaning of this trickery?
Naruto starts to dash towards the Kyuubi and grabs the foxs chakra by its neck
Bee: On the count of three pull!!!!!
Bee: 1....2....3
Kyuubi: Urarrrrwwwww!!!!
Naruto and Bee start to laugh as their planned was a success
Bee: Whew...Told you that was easy..
Naruto: Haha Now whats the next step?
Bee: Alright lets get out of here..
Bee and Naruto both throws the Kyuubi will(Body) back into the cage and lock the cage up
Yamato: I see you both are alive and well..
Naruto: What happens to the Kyuubi body?
Bee: Dont worry Foo..You know have his chakra and now his body is as weak as a animal that walks the Nations

Kyuubi is seen in the cage
Kyuubi: My power? Looks like they were able to get to me..Hmph! *Smiles Evily*
Bee: Now that you have his chakra call it forth...You'll be able to handle it you said 3 tails right?
Naruto: Yea...Alright here I go..*Haaaaaaaa* khhh...
Bee: The Kyuubi will be able to talk to you know that the seal is weak and when you get more tails you'll become like him but he wont have control over you.
Naruto starts to call forth more chakra and goes 6 tails!
Yamato: Stop it Naruto! Only three tails like he said!
Bee then uses the sword to take away his tails/chakra..
Shameda: Gigigigigigi!!!!
Naruto: hehe *Rubs the back of his head and smiles*..

The Kyuubi cage is seen having a crack at the very bottom because of the stunt Naruto pulled
Kyuubi: *You may be able to call forth my power without me but the more reckless you get the more my power calls back to me*
Sounds of evil laughter can be heard in the hall ways of Narutos head...HAHAHAHAHahahahehehehehmmm...
Might guy: Yamato-san!
Yamato: *Turns Around* You okay from the sea ride?
Might Guy then barfs on Bee shoes
Bee: Come on FOO! Before I slap yo Mama!
Might Guy: eheammm...Theres an Akatsuki on the island!
Naruto: !!!!!
Yamato: You got to be kidding me!
Kisame: *wakes from his slumber*...Its about that time..
Bee: Hmm? (Flashback)
Hachibi: Are you sure we can leave that sword there? Theres something about it and It keeps feeding on our Chakras!
Bee: Hmmm *Turns to the other side of the bed* Go back to sleep FOO! Your so paranoid..
Kisame: Ram-Monkey-Rooster-Boar-Tiger-DRAGON:Sword Release! Haaaa!!!!
Everyone looks behind Bee as he has Kisame on his back slowly swinging the sword at his head

Next time on Naruto: Kisame's Blood-line Limit!
by: Prediction.Junkie

Naruto 467: Sasuke Awakens The Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!
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A picture is shown of a group of Nins outside the Akatsuki Base
Madara: Hoyy hoyy Sasuke...Its about time.
Sasuke: So lets see what Itachi eyes are capable of!
Madara: Just to let you know when you take those bandages off everything will be different and you will no longer see the world as it is.
Sasuke: Hm? *Takes the bandages off* O---M---G
Madara: I know right...Shits crazy son...Anyways how are you doing?
Sasuke: Im gonna go train in the wanna spar?
Madara: I still see you wanna fight me.
Sasuke: If I get the chance Im gonna watch you burn alive.
Madara: Heh...
Madara and Sasuke is shown on the fields staring at eachother
Madara: Hmm? Whats the matter?
Sasuke: I can see what you are now...How about you use that 1 good eye of yours?
Madara: I see you noticed my missing eye..No matter, i have enough experience to take down a kid like you.

Sasuke then dashes at Madara with amazing speed and appears right behind Madara
Madara Mask falls off with a stroke of Sasukes sword
Sasuke: Now I see what you look like...
Madara: What the? He was'nt suppose to move that fast this early? *So I see he trained under my watchful eye*
Sasuke moves to the side and uses his own Katon
Madara: I see the Uchiha blood sti.......
Sasuke: Enough chit chat...Chidori:Senbon
Madara: Hmph!
Madara is shown staying still then all of a sudden a arm appear then a body appears...Behold Sasuke my power to you!
Sasuke: Hahahahaha!

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Madara: Hmmmm? Shit! *Even my chakra was so evil and cold*..
Sasuke Susanno appears and it yells out a evil cry
Madara: This is bad...Even my Susanno dont have a mind of its own...
Sasuke all of a sudden starts to look up as his eyes take the shape of Spider webs
Sasuke: *Whispers* Im gonna enjoy this..
Zetsu: Madara-sama get out of there! This is too dangerous even for you!
Madara trys to flee but Sasuke Susanoo grabs a hold of him
Madara: Its even stopping me from teleporting?!?! Zetsu-san use that technique!!!!!!
Zetsu: Grass Release:......Hmm?
Sasuke then starts to walk away,..
Sasuke: Dont worry..I need you for my own personal plans..Haha
Zetsu: Are you ok Madara!
Madara starts to breath heavily in fear then begins to calm down
Madara: This is it Zetsu! The very power I need...Get Kabuto ready were moving out! *The world will know the name of Uchiha Sasuke*.

Naruto is scene hiding behind the walls
Kyuubi: Where are you rat?!?!? Come out like a man!
Naruto: *I cant do this im not strong enough*...
Bee: Shit! The kyuubi is way to strong for this kid...

Next time on Naruto: Naruto gives up!
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Naruto 467: Taking Down the Kyuubi!
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Yamato: long since you completed this stage?
Bee: Three months mothafucka!
Yamato: Sheesh what ignorance...*Someone's coming*!
Bee: Hold them off while I keep Naruto safe...
Yamato: Theres two of them..
Yamato hides behind the wall as he see's to shadows walking through
Yamato: Mokuton: Binding Branches!
Motoi: Now is that how to treat your host?
Might guy is seen cutting through the branches
Might guy: Just another obstacle to test my spring time of youth! *Smiles*
Yamato: I thought you were going to report to the higher ups?
Motoi: Guy-san already had the pleasure to do that.
Might guy: So hows Naruto holding up?
Bee: Get over here be-atch's and i'll tell you!
Motoi: Bee-san? Master Raikage is planning to invade a outpost held by the Akatsuki..That is the latest update.

Bee: Might brother can handle that..I hope he doesnt send my students or he'll regret it!
Motoi: They are a destructive bunch arent they?
Yamato: Is Naruto winning?
Might guy: Why is Naruto just seating there? Is he meditating on his spring time of youth?! *Smiles*
Bee: He's fighting the Kyuubi.
Yamato: *Has a concerned look on his face*
Might guy: What?!?! Where is the Kyuubi!
Motoi: He released the seal and he's now fighting that beast in his mind..
Naruto slides back with sage mode and wounds on him
Kyuubi: Do you really think that cursed chakra would save you? My power is 100 fold compared to that chakra,
Naruto: This is it?!? That power is so amazing!
Kyuubi: Your a strong Ninja but to be able to control my power will take a mighty ninja...Just like your father. I hated him but he was definently skilled enough to handle me and Madara. I would've gladly gave him my power. But you? Your nothing compared to him!
Naruto: Heh..Even the fox admire my Father. Listen here Fox, my name is Naruto Uzumaki and my father is the Fourth Hokage! He believed I would be able to use you so thats wwhat im gonna do!

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Naruto: *Forms the Resengan* Take this Fox!
Naruto manages to badly injure one of the Fox tails
Naruto: 8 more to go until im able to get on his back..*Just like Bee-san said*
Kyuubi: Im gonna enjoy this..have a taste of my power.
Kyuubi then stands on 4 paws and opens his mouth..
Naruto: So thats the power Yamato was talking to me about when I attacked Orochimaru!
Kyuubi: Take this brat.*Shoots an massive amount of chakra infused with its blood inside of Narutos mind*.
Naruto dodges then screams in pain....*Bee: Dont let him fire his chakra wthin your mind or you will die*!
Naruto: I have to block those attacks someway?!!?
Kyuubi then forms another ball and shoots it at Naruto
Naruto: Fuuton: Rasenshuriken! Yes! I was able to cancel it out with the rasenshuriken
Kyuubi: !!!!! Thats one formidable jutsu...How about we make a deal? *With that in his arsenal my half power wouldnt be able to handle it*..
Naruto: Haha its about time...*Bee-san said he might make a deal*..
Kyuubi: Get on my back..
Naruto: Yess hes finally cooperating.
Kyuubi: If im gonna be used by you, our top priority will be to get back at that Uchiha Madara.
Naruto: Anything else?
Kyuubi: Hmmmm....You will release me daily for a short amount of time so I can see the world again.
Naruto: Fine and in my return ill set you free when this is all over with *Smiles promise of a lifetime* hehe
Naruto then gets out of the meditation
Might guy: Are you alright Naruto-kun?
Motoi: Hmm?
Yamato: Whats wrong?
Bee: *That muthafucka*! haha
Naruto then say something and he transform into the Kyuubi...Naruto is seen attached to the Kyuubi head
Naruto: Haha I did it you guys!
Kyuubi: RAWRRRRRR...
Bee: Where they go?
Motoi turns around and see's Yamato and Might Guy run out the room and he starts laughing

Next time on Naruto: Bee Vs Naruto.

by: Prediction.Junkie

Naruto 497: Naruto and Yamato Determination!

Naruto: *So all I have to do is grab that piece of chakra sticking out*
Naruto runs at the chakra but Kyuubi easily pounds him away with his tail
Kyuubi: It wont be that easy...Once I take your puny chakra then there wont be a soul that can stop me...especially those Uchihas!
Naruto: What makes you think you have a chance? I've come to far to be captured by you!
Naruto starts to run then he dodges 5 of 9 of the tails then he gets thrown across the room by the chakra...
Naruto: *Shit I forgot he has enough chakra to be placed on the outside of his body just like frog kung fu*...Tage Kage Bushin No Jutsu!
Kyuubi then lays down while laughing at Naruto
Naruto: Dont take me light Fox!
Kyuubi: *ill just wait for this idiot to fall into my trap*...
The bushins successfully capture all the Kyuubi tails and the real Naruto goes in for the kill!
Naruto: Haha got you fox! Hmm?
Kyuubi then starts to suck up Narutos cchakra and gets half wayy there!

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Bee comes in and cuts Naruto chakra in half
Bee: You have to do better than that Naruto!
Naruto: *Damn I forgot I was suppose to grab his chakra with mine*!
Kyuubi: Half way to go...
Naruto starts to pant...
Naruto: Huh...Huh....Huh...*Sweats* Hes so big! Can I really snatch out all of his chakra!?!?

Meanwhile with Bee and Naruto
Yamato: Do you really think he can pull it off?
Bee: I outta punch you in tha mouth!
Yamato: Huh?
Bee: To think one of his own comrades from his village does'nt believe in him..What kind of shinobi are you!?!?
Yamato: Shit I forgot that it was Naruto who saved us countless times from trouble..*And I didnt even tell him goodluck*..
Bee: Give me a minute would ya? Talking and paying attention to Naruto is on the difficult side ya heard?
Yamato: Next time when I see you Naruto then ill tell you..*Smiles*

this is a PREDICTION -- not a Spoiler

Naruto is seen jumping back!
Naruto: If I can do my math right then im down to 20% chakra!
Bee is seen in the background
Bee: *You can do it Naruto*...We believe in you..
Hachibi: If this boy completes the task then you wont be the only perfect Jinchurriki..
Bee: Get kinda jealous here Eight-0 haha...
Naruto then gets pulled out of his soul by the Hachibi..
Bee: Dont worry it took me months to get this down..
Naruto: Huh? Then we'll start back up tommorow then...*Saddens*
Yamato: Naruto!
Naruto: Yamato-sensei?
Naruto: *Smiles* Hoyy! Send me back in there bee pronto!
Bee: You got it!

Kyuubi: You back for more?
Naruto stands still
Kyuubi: Scared i see hahaha! Your mine!
Naruto: Everyone believes in me and I cant go back empty handed! * Naruto looks up with Sage Eyes*!
Kyuubi: Hmph...
Naruto starts running at Kyuubi then dodges at super fast agility
Naruto: Got ya!
Naruto is starting to lose control...
Kyuubi: One Child isnt able to take out my chakra!
Naruto: Then how about a thousand! Tage Kage Bushin No Jutsu...
Countless Sage mode naruto appear
Narutos: Ahhhhhhhhhhh.........

Minato appears in the background
Minato: Step 2 clear..*smiles*...

Next time on Naruto: Minato Reveals the Third Step! Like Father Like Son!
by: Sensei-Q

Naruto 497: Power of Will

~Summary: "The Fox Unleashed! What Can Naruto Do!?"

Naruto: BRING IT ON!!!
Kyuubi: Grr YOU BRAT

*Kyuubi smacks both his paws against the ground,
causing an earthquake inside Naruto's mind*

Naruto: What the o.O!
KillerBee: Yo~Focus! This earthquake is inside your mind,
so it's all bogus!~ (rap fail)
*Naruto dodges*

Naruto: ! *draws more chakra out of the fox*
Kyuubi: I admire your strength as it is, but you are far from winning. You and
I are not on the same level... !!!!!

Naruto: ....
Kyuubi: What is this sudden look of determination? GRR!!
....(I can't die)....
(I have to save Sasuke)...!!!

Kyuubi: HAHAHAH That is so pathetic..forget that Uchiha...he's a curse to this world...

Naruto: (!ahh) He's getting stronger!! Octo-guy, help me!!
KillerBee: He knows ya weakness, don't listen to this fool!
Naruto: I can't!!!

*The Kyuubi manages to overthrow Naruto*

...(This is it.. I'm too weak...)
...(Someone as weak as me deserves to die..)
...(I'm sorry, Sasuke.....

Kyuubi: ITS OVER!! - YOU'RE MINE!!
*scene goes slow-motion*
*Kyuubi swings his claw towards Naruto*
KillerBee: NOOO!!!

~...Moment of silence...~

*KillerBee awakes in the temple and goes down on his knees*
''Sorry, the Fox won. Your Jinchuuriki is dead, bro..."
Yamato: NOO! How!???
*goes down on his knees too*

KillerBee: Cause his will ain't strong enou-????
*turns around towards Naruto's body*
Yamato: ! What is it?
KillerBee: Something's just not right...!!

Kyuubi: GRR.. What's this??
*The fox's claws get lifted by a strange white aura from the
spot where Naruto got crushed*
*Naruto appears with a pure, white aura around him, and
white-glowing eyes and mouth*
Kyuubi: ...Why you...HN!?

*With a 'doubled' voice*
Naruto: This is 'my' mind, and here is 'my' Will of Fire...
*Ram - handsign*
Kyuubi: Such power, where is this coming from!? My chakra,
it's being drained!! CURSE you, I WON'T LET YOU!!!

*The Kyuubi's chakra is halfway gone*
*The Kyuubi brawls out loud, causing the water to make big
waves, but Naruto doesn't move an inch*

*The Kyuubi disperses into red smoke, and floats back to the cage*
*Naruto claps his hands together, and the gate closes, but no seal on it*

*Naruto awakes at the temple*
Yamato: *grabs a kunai* Which one are you...
KillerBee: ....
Naruto: It's me, now put that kunai away.
Yamato: Why are you so serious?
Naruto: ....
*Naruto suddenly falls down on his knees*
Yamato: Naruto! What's wrong!?

Naruto: ..Ugh..huh? Captain Yamato? Octo-guy? Did I make it?
Yamato: What are you talking about? Ofcourse!!
Naruto: Yes! That's great! heheh I did it! woohoo!

KillerBee: (..~Something's not right, it wasn't 'him' in this fight, yo~...)
by: the Egyptian

Naruto Manga 497: The Battle for the Kyuubi!!!

Naruto: (Man this Damn Fox is Tough, I can feel him trying to drain every bit of Chakra out of Me!!!! I cannot Lose)

Bee: I will try and help where I can, But this fight has to be won by you Naruto. Even though the Kyuubi has an infinite supply of Chakra compared to yours, You need to realize that it isnt the quantity of the Chakra, It is the Quality and Potency of your Chakra which must Purify the Dark Chakra of the Kyuubi!!!

Naruto: I AM NARUTO UZUMAKI!!! , I was trained by the Copy Ninja Kakashi when I joined Team 7, I learned from one of the Great Sanin Jirayia Sensei, I learned Sage Chakra from Master Fukusaku!!! I am the Son of the Freaking 4th Hokage, The one who Sealed you away inside of me so that I could use your power to change this world from the Hate it has, and By the way he was MY FATHER who Believes in me and I will not let him down!!! and now I will Master your Chakra!!!!

Kyuubi; NOOOO You lack the strength to control me!!! (in thought; Where is the Hate that used to be inside him?? I need it to control him! No matter I will overwhelm him with my Chakra)

Naruto: Ahhh Give me your Chakra you Damn FOX!!

Kyuubi: We are at a stand still Boy!! I will let you have my Chakra But My Will comes with it!!! HAHAHAHA

Naruto: You have sooo much Hate Just like Sasuke, But you must know that I am going to Wipe this world clear with the Hate that it has, and I know if I can overcome the hate that you have, I will be able to truly save Sasuke!!.

Kyuubi: You are a fool Boy, I have sensed the Hate in that accursed Uchiha Brat, He even has more hate than that damned Madara. You cannot sway that boy from his path, he should just be another one of my victims that I smash under my teeth!!.

Naruto:( what can I do to win this battle? wait a minute, what if I just concentrate just like when I am focusing on natural energy? I bet that could help me beat this stupid fox)

Hachibi: Do you feel that coming into the boy? He is bringing in natural energy to help him!! this is one impressive kid to be able to do that while in his own mind!!
Bee:The power of Nature to beat the Nature of his beast !!

Hachibi: The Kyuubi is the Greatest of us Beasts, and the sheer evil chakra that it has is terrible, The Kyuubi is the beast that influenced the rest of us to becoming evil when we were all apart of the same body, Not only that The Kyuubi has enough Power to defeat and bend its will against all of us when we were called the Juubi!.

Bee: The Juubi, is that the story you told me about and didnt want anybody to know about!

Hachibi: it is dangerous for this Knowledge to be around, Look at Madara, he wants us all Reunited so he can merge his body to the Juubi!! and since Madara has the Great Eyes of the One who seperated us, He would most likely be able to control the Juubi!!.

Bee: Talk about this later Octo, I think Naruto is winning with this nature energy now!! OOOO YEA YOU GO BOY!!!

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Back to Naruto_---

Kyuubi: ROOOOOAAARRR Stop this Naruto, I can feel your Will overcoming mine!!! The only way to survive in this world is to have hate!! You must not Do this Naruto!! OPEN YOUR SELF TO MY HATE!!

Naruto: You just dont get it Fox, I am fed up with Hate!!! Maybe if you absorb my will You will see that Hate is no longer needed in this world!! Trust me, a world without Hate is a much better place, And you will see this through my eyes!! and everything great we do will be because of your help!! you are going to Love it!!!

Naruto: Yes I did it!!!!!

Kyuubi: ( You win for Now Naruto, But how long can you keep this up?, it is only a matter of time that Hate will fill your heart and I will be there to use it against you)

Bee: Good Job YO, Now we can Spar and test those new Tails you got!!!

Next on Naruto: Kyuubi VS Hachibi
by: The Special One

Naruto 497: Tug!

(Naruto floats in front of the Kyuubi. Naruto then points his finger at the Kyuubi.)

Naruto: "I’M GONNA SUCK YOU DRY YOU STUPID FOX!" (Killer Bee’s voice can be heard.)

Killer Bee: "Ha, ha, now that’s where it’s at. Go out and get ‘em!"

(The Kyuubi devilishly grins.)

Kyuubi: "Ku, Ku, Ku. What can you hope to accomplish on your own you little shit? I’ll rip out your chakra and wipe you out in one BREATH!" (The Kyuubi swipes with his left claw, Naruto maneuvers over it by flipping and then landing on top of the outreached arm of the Kyuubi. Killer Bee’s voice can be heard again.)

Killer Bee: "Hey, watch your LEFT!" (Naruto takes notice and leaps off of the Kyuubi’s arm, evading the right overhand of the Kyuubi. Naruto lands on top of the Kyuubi’s head.)

Naruto: "GIMMIE!" (Naruto bends down and places both hands on top of the Kyuubi’s head.)

Naruto (in thought): "Alright, time to grab his chakra!" (Naruto channels his chakra through his palms and starts to draw in a little of the Kyuubi’s chakra as Naruto’s false image disappears, immediately, Killer Bee speaks up.)

Killer Bee: "Keep it up kid, I gotcha!" (Before the Kyuubi can reach his arms up high to trap Naruto, the Hachibi’s tentacles appear and coil around the Kyuubi's arms and restrain them to help Naruto grab the chakra.)

Kyuubi: "Pests!" (Meanwhile, on top of the Kyuubi’s head, Naruto continues to draw on the Kyuubi’s chakra and then dons a red, chakra based cloak.)

Naruto: "YEAHH!!! I’m doing it!" (The Kyuubi then arches his back, while Naruto slips a little and as the Kyuubi directs his tails towards Naruto and begins drawing on Naruto’s false image with his tails from a distance, more of the Hachibi’s tentacles appear, and they wrap around the tails and restrain them as Naruto’s false image returns back to his body, as Bee helps Naruto subdue the beast. Next, Bee’s voice can be heard.)

Killer Bee: "A’ight I’m doin' my best, the rest is all you!" (On top of the Kyuubi’s head, Naruto continues to withdraw more chakra.)

Naruto: "THANKS MAN!" (The scene switches over to the Kyuubi’s face, it has a horrible scowl on.)

Kyuubi: "Vermin! *ROAR*!" (The Kyuubi shakes violently. It sakes so hard that the surrounding area begins to show a little wear and tear. Naruto, with a trail of charka connecting to the chakra image [I’ll refer to it as false image from now on] of the Kyuubi is disconnected, as Naruto is thrown off and is launched far in back down the hall as the Kyuubi’s false image comes back to itself. The Kyuubi then bites away at the tentacles around his arms, destroying them as he gains back some chakra. The Kyuubi then turns his head to face his rear, and fires a mini chakra blast to destroy the tentacles binding his tails, as he gains back some chakra. The Kyuubi then looks down the hall and spots Naruto.)

Kyuubi: "I underestimated you… You certainly are the 4th’s little snot, dancing around my body like some flea." (The scene switches over to Naruto, he gets up and looks straight ahead at the Kyuubi down the hall.)

Naruto: "So close…" (Killer Bee’s voice can be heard.)

Killer Bee: "Hey, you can use ninjutsu too, to help you! But be careful ‘douh, use too much chakra and you won’t have enough to drag in the Fox’s chakra, and if you’re too weak, he’ll overcome ‘ya! Exercise greater control of ya chakra, that’ll give ya an advantage over a monstrosity that only knows how to destroy; a bijuu. Find a method that works, then stick to it! Eventually, you’ll know how to handle this thing down the road… To control his chakra, you must be able to steal away his chakra, leaving him as just his mind…"

Naruto: "I think I grabbed some of the Kyuubi’s chakra, I can use some of that to fight him!"

Killer Bee: "I forgot to tell ya, but good thinkin'!" (Naruto makes the shadow clone handseal, immediately, down the hall, the Kyuubi is gathering chakra in his mouth for a blast. It is getting larger and larger in scale, immediately, the Kyuubi fires it off. The full arm appendage of the Hachibi materializes in front of the blast and absorbs the impact at the cost of the Hachibi’s arm, as it vaporizes.

Spiraling noises of chakra can be heard getting louder and moving closer to the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi notices that three Naruto are carrying two above averaged size Rasengans, are launching themselves towards him. Naruto in the middle, with two other Naruto, one on each side, are forming twin Oodama Rasengans, one in each of the middle Naruto’s hands, joined with the help of the apparent two shadow clones.)

Kyuubi (in thought): When did he? Wait, he’s using my chakra against me… (As the dangerous attack prepares to reach the Kyuubi’s chest, the Kyuubi prepares to counter attack by drawing in both paws, which begins to suck out the Narutos’ false images however, the Hachibi’s hand materializes and grabs one arm and then the Hachibi’s Head materializes and bites the other, restraining the Kyuubi again. The Kyuubi looks on in worry as the attack is inches away.)

Naruto: "Eat this! Oodama Rasen Rengan!" (A huge explosion of flashing chakra erupts as the Kyuubi is injured and falters a bit. The two helper shadow clones disperses as Naruto is blown back from the shockwave. The Head and Fist of the Hachibi disappears, not from being destroyed though. The Kyuubi the notice that part of his chest is blown off, so he starts to regenerate it.)

Kyuubi (in thought): "This’ll consume more chakra… I’m taking this much damage, why? If it wasn’t for that tentacle FREAK! But the runt’s chakra control, he really intends to take my power away…"


(Immediately, Naruto follows up his assault.)

Naruto: "Mass Shadow Clone Technique!" (Countless shadow clones appear and surrounds the Kyuubi… The Kyuubi is clinching its chest and is too busy recovering. They all latch onto the Kyuubi, and are each drawing out small portions of the Kyuubi’s chakra through tendril shaped conductors as they touch him and then pull away; as in yank.)

Killer Bee: "Yeah, well, I’m running out of appendages, Me and Eight-o is havin’ trouble keeping up with regenerating them from combating that Fox earlier on, and since I can’t control my full powers in here, I gotta split for a bit … But I don’t think I need to lift another finger. I think you got the hang of it, so don’t expect me to be callin’ his every shot from now on! You got ‘dis, knock it out like pro, bro!"

Naruto: "Alright, Imma hit this fool up all tight with all my might. So be on the watch-out Octo-dude."

Killer Bee: "Ha, ha, Kid, you know where’s my bid! But cut that shit out and bring this bout to a stop and show me why you’re on top!"

(The Kyuubi is still healing. It gets on all fours, and digs its claws into the white floor and roars which, easily shakes the surrounding. It then punches the ceiling, which causes large amounts of debris to fall and disperse the many shadow clones below.

The ones that aren’t dispersed are all swept away by its tails, which creates spiraling winds that sweeps up the shadow clones, and disperses them all. To avoid getting sucked in, Naruto breaks through the ceiling and floats through a white, wide open space. Naruto hears the Kyuubi making a ruckus from below, as it reaches its claws out from under Naruto. Naruto quickly avoids by racing to the side. The Kyuubi then emerges from below and faces Naruto with an unpleased disposition; its chest has completely recovered now.)

Kyuubi: Little shit… (Naruto looks on at the Kyuubi and goes into thought.)

Naruto (in thought): I wonder how much chakra I stole from him using the shadow clones. Let’s try it out. (Naruto claps his hands and goes into the two tailed state. The Kyuubi turns around and notices that two of his tails are missing.)


Naruto: IF YOU CAN! (Naruto dashes forward, while the Kyuubi diagonally swipes with his right claw as Naruto nears him, both of their false images appear as they near each other.)

Naruto 498: Naruto vs. the Kyuubi Takes .
by: Saiyanman

Naruto 497: Breaking the Chain

[Scene shows Yamato looking at Killerbee and Naruto]
Yamato: This is a little....extreme. I never imagined that something like this will help Naruto control the Nine Tails.

[Bee opens his eyes a little but keeps his hand with Naruto]
Yamato: What's going on in there?

KillerBee: Ah sorry 'bout that. My power isn't the deal to help nail it flat.

Yamato: [with a straight face] Erm....come again?

[There's an awkward pause]
KillerBee: Right....I haven't been able to help the boy. He's on his own now.

Yamato: Does he have a chance? We can still stop this....

KillerBee: Nah. The kid's got it in him to keep going. I reckon he should win and start celebratin'. We gotta wait. This ain't a joke.

Yamato: [thinks] I wonder if I can manage to control him if the Nine Tails takes over...I didn't sign up for this....Oh boy...

[Scene switches to Naruto in his mind]
[Naruto and the Nine Tails are still trying to pull each other towards the other. The Nine Tails has an angry and frustrated expression as Naruto does his best to match it's strength with his chakra.]

Naruto: Yeah you stupid fox. It's finally about time someone taught you who's the master.

Kyuubi: [Glares] Don't you dare take that tone with me boy. If it wasn't for me, you would be dead ten times over by now. [Growls and tears apart Naruto's attempt to cover it with his chakra again] Just be grateful that you were lucky enough to have me inside you.

Naruto: Haven't you noticed yet? If we don't work together, which you don't want to, then Uchiha Madara will never be defeated. [creates two clones somehow and begins pulling again]

Kyuubi: Hah! I have no intention to go near one feet of that cursed Sharingan. You're on your own boy. As soon as I gain control of you, I'll be free and never be controlled again!

Naruto: I don't care. [The Kyuubi looks shocked and angry. Naruto closes his eyes and a strange chakra starts to envelop him] Whether you want to or not, you will submit to me your power or....[Naruto opens his eyes and shows that he's in Sage Mode] you will go down with me.

Kyuubi: We'll see about that brat. Once I win this useless fight, you will be begging me to save you like you did time and time again. Who was it who cried like a kid in front of me? Who was it who gave you the power to make your childish dreams a reality?

Naruto: .....

Kyuubi: You can't answer fool. It's because this has been a chain of events time and time again. You think you can avoid me and control me but in the end you come back to me whining for power.

Naruto: I have an answer [Sage chakra strengthens Naruto's hold over the Kyuubi and it starts looking a little apprehensive]

Kyuubi: [Looks at it's bonds and laughs]'ve come a long way, Naruto [pauses]. But it's not enough. You aren't worthy to control me. Let go already brat!

Naruto: The Fourth Hokage who defeated your so-called power [Kyuubi's eyes go scarlet] entrusted it to me in the hope of defeating the masked man he fought a long time ago. Unfortunately for you, he happens to be my father, so I will force you to show me respect if needed.

[The balance breaks as the Kyuubi is forced inch by inch towards Naruto]
Kyuubi: Grr...!!

Naruto: [shouts] The evil inside me which you relished has now been vanquished! I intend on using your power to create peace in the Ninja world whether you like it or not!

Kyuubi: [tries to pull back but is only able to stop Naruto's pressure]

Naruto: [with a steely glint in his eyes] I have overcome what was, and I will now overcome what will be. I' am the true master now.

Kyuubi: [laughs] Nothing apart from that cursed Uchiha has ever controlled me. You a little kid, control my power? I admit you were pretty strong in destroying your older self but all you have been throughout your life is a total failure!

Naruto: What do you mean? You're grasping for straws.

Kyuubi: Grahahahahaha!

Naruto: [shouts] Stop that silly laugh and tell me your stupid excuse!

Kyuubi: [the demon fox cloak appears and starts to corrode the Sage Chakra away] Excuse? This is the truth. Hahahaha!

Naruto: [with a straight face] You aren't saying anything...

Kyuubi: Your thoughts always come down here Naruto. I know everything. [laughs] What about one of your life's goals which you have failed in? What about that cursed Uchiha brat? Sasuke was that.....?

Naruto: [expression is still blank] And?

Kyuubi: I remember that you were head over heels in trying to save him. Must have let him go to his inevitable death. One Uchiha down, what's the difference? [laughs]

Naruto: Sasuke has changed--

Kyuubi: I don't care kid. Just like you. Madara won't keep that kid alive much longer anyway. His plan centers around the death of your friend.

Naruto: What do you mean?

Kyuubi: Oh what do we have here? Could it be that you are trying to ask me something? Or perhaps beg? Release me kid. I'll tell you everything I know. I know the last secret of Madara.

Naruto: That--! [is interrupted by the arrival of the spirit of the toad key]

Kyuubi: What is this?

Toad: I' am the key Minato created to hold you Kyuubi. Must're huge! [turns to Naruto] I know you still want to save that Sasuke boy, but get over it. It's not worth it.

Naruto: I know. Everything has been decided. Sasuke cannot be reasoned with by words.

Toad: That's good. And in case you want a hint, this is just the other half of the Kyuubi.

Naruto: [with a stupid face] Huh?

Kyuubi: You! How dare you--

Toad: Your father sealed only the Yin half of the Kyuubi into you. The other well up to you. My job is done here [laughs at the Kyuubi and vanishes]

Naruto: [slowly smiles as sudden realization dawns on his face] Well. Looks like we have a deal Nine Tails.

Kyuubi: Huh? What deal? Have you become insane boy? [Is startled to notice that Naruto has dragged it even closer]

Naruto: Do you want to become a..failure yourself and stay "incomplete"?

Kyuubi: You will pay for that insult boy!

Naruto: So it all comes down to this. You lend me your co-operation and I will help you regain your other half. I'll defeat Uchiha Madara.

Kyuubi: And what if I refuse?

Naruto: I'll do it anyway. [Sage chakra envelops Naruto stronger than before and the Kyuubi struggles in panic as it edges closer towards Naruto]

[Scene switches to Yamato and Killerbee]
[Naruto suddenly begins to glow with the hint of Sage chakra along with the glow of the demon fox cloak]

Killerbee: [snatches his hands away as his hands begin to burn] Whoo! That was hot! He's so safe not!

Yamato: What's happening?

Killerbee: [raises his hands in a victory sign] It won't be long Eight-O! The kid is finally on the winning side now.

[Inner Hachibi voice: I only hope you aren't being overconfident this time]

Naruto 496 English

CLICK Images to Enlarge

by: Prediction.Junkie


Naruto 497: Kisames ill Fated Promise!

Yamato concentrates on maintaining the defensive jutsu around him
Yamato: To take on something of that magnitude..*Naruto you really are something*..
Bee: What a rush eight-0, I didnt feel this type of excitement since you came alon..
Hachibi: So when do we intervene? I wanna show my brother how far ive grown..
Bee: O you'll get your chance but first I want Naruto to get a glance.* He seems to be combining the famous Sage Chakra and Kyuubi Chakra*
Hachibi: So this Naruto is able to fuse both chakras without trouble..*What outstanding Chakra control and concentration*.

Naruto is seen changing infront of the Kyuubi
Kyuubi: So you want to fight me ehh? *He jumps in the air trying to escape*
Bee: Wont be easy as you think Nine Tails..
Kyuubi: These pillars? *Starts to form a menacing ball*
Hachibi: I remember I tried to shoot one in this arena....
Bee: Didnt work so well did it? haha
The ball seemed to start bouncing everywhere and comes right back at the Kyuubi
Kyuubi: *Dodges the ball* Guess I have to kill this kid then...
Naruto: Where am i?
Naruto seems to be inside of his own mind...
Minato: Naruto!
Naruto: Dad! Am I being controlled by the Kyuubi again? *Starts to frown*
Minato: No thats not it hehe..Im here to tell you about what your about to do..

Kisame and Guy start throwing kunais at eachother
Kisame:*That kid is starting to change just like how me and Shameda do*.
Guy: How about you pay attention to me you shark bait..
Kisame: Hmph...Green Beast of Konoha ehhh. I heard my leader destroyed your village haha
Guy: Well your leader was killed by a 16 year old child *Eyes start to sparkle*
Kisame then charges at Guy
Kisame: Suiton:Water Prison Shark Dance
Guy: Not this again...

This is a PREDICTION not a spoiler

Suddenly Kisame switches and starts riding the wave over to Naruto

Kisame: I have to take this kid out now that the Bijuu is release then I can escape
Guy: What is Yamato doing??? *His arms and body start to burn* Shit I cant get over there..
Kisame: Hmph..With this Water I can easily avoid these burning chakras..
Bee: Lets see how this kid does with two opponents..
Naruto Is seen with Senjutsu chakra surrounding the Kyuubi chakra and he becomes a ball of white immense chakra that seems to light the room up like the Sun..
Minato: When you get out of here remember what I told you..
Naruto: Yes Father..
The sphere around Naruto cracks and he walks out covered in white chakra and 9 Tails.
Bee: Amazing Eight-0 are you seeing this?
Hachibi: This kid...has...
Bee: Enough power to take on all the Tailed beasts..

*Suiton: Heavens falls*...

Next time on Naruto: The battle commence..
Hi Guys, Zetsu-san here, just to let you know about this
Naruto Shippuden Movie 4
I would recommend watching if you already haven't done so
(we finally get to see Yondaime in action!)
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Naruto Chapter 60 Abridge Version

Naruto Chapter 12 Abridged Version

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Naruto 496 (English)

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Bleach 405 and One Piece 586 English are up!!

Naruto 496 English

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Hi Guys, Zetsu-san here, just to let you know about this
Naruto Shippuden Movie 4
I would recommend watching if you already haven't done so
(we finally get to see Yondaime in action!)

Kakashi 's Face Revealed!!
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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina
Read This!! Another SPOOF From Numinous
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Naruto Chapter 60 Abridge Version

Naruto Chapter 12 Abridged Version

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